Puppy Training Lessons Online

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Free Puppy Training Lessons Online

Here we offer a complete set of FREE training lessons for a new puppy. If you have a young puppy, it is important that you start with his training immediately. Puppies do need to be taught how to behave and it is much more effective if training starts in early puppy-hood, when they learn very quickly.

Puppy Training Lessons Online

We cover time proven training methods for many common (and not so common) puppy problems. There are lots of helpful tips and good directions to take here, to make sure he or she grows up into a well behaved adult dog and a cherished member of your family.

Now, every puppy owner has their share of problems – from the normal puppy chewing, biting, whining and barking – to the harder to understand problems like puppy separation anxiety and puppy fears. The excitement and fun of having a new puppy can quickly deteriorate into frustration when things go wrong, if or when puppies don’t behave quite as well as expected.

Owning a dog should be a pleasurable thing in your life, but for many reasons, many people experience behavioral problems with their puppies. Most of these problems can be resolved quite quickly once you learn the basics of training your dog and apply them.

Please have a browse around our website pages for much more information, right from initially choosing and bringing your pup home, through to making sure he or she grows up into a well behaved adult dog and cherished family member.

Here are the Links to the Lessons

These are the first and most basic things to teach a puppy. The lessons are very simple and use positive reinforcement dog training techniques. Make sure to follow along in consecutive order for the best results.

Lesson 1: Teach a Puppy His Name

The first thing to do when you get a new puppy home is to teach him what his name is.

Lesson 2: Teach a Puppy To Sit

Teaching your new puppy to sit is very simple and one of the first things you will be able to teach him.

Lesson 3: Teach a Puppy To Come When Called

Most important puppy training lesson is this one. It is imperative that your puppy comes when called, for his own safety.

Lesson 4: Teach a Puppy To Stay

Teaching your puppy to stay is a bit more difficult, but we explain how to go through this process so both you and your puppy will understand and learn.

Lesson 5: Teach a Puppy To Lie Down

This is a fun lesson and easy for your puppy to learn. He will probably amaze you at how quickly he gets this puppy training lesson under his belt (or collar).

Lesson 6: Teach a Puppy No Jumping

Seriously, who likes a puppy that leaps all over them, and all over everyone else too? Not many people at all. Teaching your puppy not to jump up on people is a very important part of his basic dog obedience training.

Lesson 7: Teach a Puppy To Heel

This puppy training lesson will enable you to enjoy taking your puppy on outings because you know he will remain in your control at all times. Dogs that pull on their leashes are not much fun to walk.


Free Puppy Training Lessons

Teach a Puppy How to Behave – With Our Free Online Puppy Training Lessons


Well, we hope you will enjoy our free online Puppy Training Lessons, and that you put them to use.  If you do, your new puppy will soon be a well-behaved and happy little pooch that fits in perfectly and behaves like an angel!

And, please come back and let me know how you are going, I’d love to hear about your puppy’s progress.

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