Dog Grooming Scissors

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Dog Grooming Scissors And Shears

When it comes to grooming and giving your dog a trim you want the perfect pair of dog grooming scissors. There are so many varieties of dog grooming scissors out there, you want to make the correct choice. 

You want to use scissors that are designed specifically for dogs or puppies. Dog grooming scissors are made specifically for this purpose. It is not advisable to use human hair scissor types on animals. The job of shearing, trimming and cutting for dog or pet hair is completely different, besides being unsafe if improperly done. With the proper scissors and trimmers you can complete the grooming faster, safer and more efficient.

We have selected some of the best designed dog shears for you to choose below. We have also included reviews with the items and some informational video reviews as well.

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Dog Grooming Scissors - CherryBrook Grooming Supplies for Dogs

We hope you find the perfect pair of dog grooming scissors for your dog (or cat).

Dubl Duck Round Tipped Grooming Scissors

Dog Grooming Scissors - DetailThese quality round tipped scissors are one of the best grooming products to have in you kit!

These cute and very handy scissors are designed specifically for trimming safely around the sensitive areas of your pets.

They feature blunt blade tips, which is a great thing to keep owners from pricking their pets.  Knowing you are not going to accidentally stab your dog gives you a lot more confidence, when clipping a dog at home.

And not having sudden pricks and stabs will also make your dog more settled about the whole trimming process. These trimming scissors come highly recommended for those who are scared to trim their pets at home for fear of hurting them.

Available for purchase here: Dubl Duck Curved Shears

Dubl Duck Mercedes Grooming Shears

Dog Grooming Scissors - Miracle Coat ShearsThese straight blade dog grooming scissors are designed with very slightly blunt tips for safety.

They are beautiful precision scissors, and are completely hand-made using fire and ice technology.

The Dubl Duck shears also have tiny micro-serrations along the blade, which helps prevent the dogs hair slipping out from between the blades.

They come in both 7.5inches and 8.5 inches.

Forged from Martensite stainless Steel alloy.

Available here: Dubl Duck Mercedes Dog Grooming Shears

Fromm Comfort Grip 5 Inch Mini Thinning Shear

Dog Grooming Scissors - Fromm Comfort Grip 5 Inch Mini Thinning ShearThese scissors features a non slip handle, and are made of stainless steel so they are long lasting and have high quality performance/

These Fromm dog grooming scissors can be used for all hair/coat types for roughing, thinning, shaping or straight cuts.

The blades are sharp enough to cut through the toughest matting without wearing down the blade.

Fromm is a leading brand in dog grooming and a popular choice with pet owners everywhere.

Available for purchase here: Fromm Comfort Grip 5 Inch Mini Thinning Shear

Hauptner 6.5 inch Curved Shears

Dog Grooming Scissors - Master Grooming Tools Straight ShearsCurved shears are an essential component of a dog grooming kit. The curved blades makes easy work of the dogs coat.

These Hauptner Scissors are imported directly from Solingen, Germany under an exclusive arrangement with CherryBrook – meaning you won’t find these top quality dog grooming scissors anywhere else!

Manufactured in Germany from ice tempered Stainless Steel

They also have Micro-serrated edges, to prevent slipping of the dogs hair from the blades.

Available here: Hauptner 6.5 inch Curved Shear

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