Underground Fencing for Dogs

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Underground Fencing for Dogs

An underground fence specially for dogs will keep your puppy safe! You love your puppy and you don’t want him wandering away. An underground dog fence works invisibly to make sure your dog stays at home, where he is safe – yet is still able to run and play all over your property. 

Safe and effective, an electric dog fence is a great portable option, that costs only a fraction of a permanent fence. And it is an easy and affordable way to be able to know your dog is contained. In this page I have a look at different underground fencing systems for dogs that are currently available.

Cute Dog and Fence

Why Choose An Underground Dog Fence?

The main reason obviously is to keep your dog safe and at home. For people who have dogs and no fencing at all, these electronic underground fencing systems are a boon.

They are relatively cheap – certainly when compared to the cost and effort of erecting a permanent fence. And if you do not own your home, then when you leave you simply pick the fence up and take it with you.

Even if you have fairly decent fencing already, some dogs just won’t stay put! Some dogs are born diggers and can tunnel under a fence in no time flat.

Some dogs are jumpers and can get over amazingly high fences. Some dogs are Houdinis that can open latches. And some, as one little fellow I have seen on funniest home videos, are climbers with incredible dexterity.

So the need to find an effective and secure way to keep dogs inside your property is worth looking into.

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How Does UnderGround Fencing for Dogs Work?

These pet containment fencing systems work on an electric collar that gives a mild “correction” when the dog gets within a certain distance of the wire. Now, some people may think this is cruel, but having felt it myself I can assure you that it is indeed mild. I would not even describe it as a shock, more like a “surprise”. And I would certainly much rather choose this than to have my dog hit by a car on the road.

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Coming from a “mini-farm” I sure got my fair share of boots from an electric fence and I am TERRIFIED of them. I don’t mean wary, I mean, seriously terrified. I won’t even walk near one in case it jumps out and gets me. But the correction from the electronic dog collars is more of a surprise than a shock. And as I said, I would rather my dog get surprised than flattened on a road.

Dog Fencing Electric is Easy To Install

The wire for the fence can either be just laid on the ground or you can bury it a few inches if you prefer. Little flags (usually supplied with the fencing system) are used to show the dog where the boundary actually is. Of course if you want to bury the wire, then it will take longer than simply laying it on the ground, so make sure you allow time for that.

Train Your Dog Where The Fence Boundary Is

Dog FenceIt is important to understand that you need to teach your dog where the boundary is when the electric fence is first put in, and this usually takes very little time.

When first introducing your dog to the fencing system, be patient. Make sure that you use lots of positive reinforcement. A good rule of thumb is to allow a month – but honestly, it is usually much faster that.

Most dog owners have their dogs trained to the boundaries withing just a couple of days. Then you can relax knowing that your dog will not stray.

One of the nice benefits of underground dog fencing is that there is no impairment of your view, and no ugly fences that need maintaining. And your dog does not look like he is in prison.

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The PetSafe In-Ground Radio Dog Fence

PetSafe In-Ground Dog FenceThis is the extremely popular PetSafe dog fencing setup. The best thing about this system is that you can use the wire and set-up the exact area that you want to keep your dog confined inside. Meaning – you can choose to leave out those place doggies should not go – such as your veggie garden or your flower garden. No more holes or scattered plants!

The package comes complete with everything that you need to put your underground dog fence into action, including the receiver collar, wire for your boundary and boundary flags.

Designed for dogs that weigh over 8 pounds, the PetSafe dog fence comes with 500 foot of boundary wire which will cover and area of approximately on third of an acre. If you want a larger area, then you are able to purchase more boundary wire to enclose an area up to 10 acres.

You can also use this system with multiple dogs – an extra collar is required for each of them.

If you have a dog that is harder to train or just more stubborn by nature, then there is a PetSafe model with a stronger “correction” specifically for those big or stubborn dogs.

Watch the video on how it works here



 Get More Info Here: PetSafe In-Ground Radio

More Underground Dog Fence Options

Here are three other dog fencing systems. As you can see, there are a few different choices that you can make. Some come with extra collars and others you will need to purchase a collar for extra pets separately.

Remember to have a think about what length of wire you will need. If you want to keep your dog inside a really huge space, then check out the extra wire options for each product.

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Eyenimal ClassFen Classic Dog Fence
Eyenimal ClassFen Classic Dog Fence

SportDOG In-Ground Dog Fence System
SportDOG 100 Acre In-Ground Dog Fence System

Border Patrol 3-in-1 GPS Containment, Remote Trainer with Tracking
Border Patrol 3-in-1 GPS Containment, Remote Trainer with Tracking


Wireless Dog Fencing Systems

Don’t Want The Wire?

If you really do not want to use a system with a wire boundary, then there are other options that use radio frequency to keep your canine contained. These are referred to a wireless dog fences. You do not need to lay wire around the perimeter. The signal goes in a circular pattern out from the point of the transmitter.

The Pros of Radio Frequency Dog Fences

  • Easy peasy set-up. Pretty much plug it in, train your dog then you are up and running with a safely contained pooch.
  • Take it with you when you go on holidays or even out for the day, to a friends house etc.

The Cons of Radio Frequency Dog Fences

  • The draw back with these units are that you are limited to a certain shape and area, because the frequency is transmitted a set distance from the transmitter. Whereas with the wired dog fencing systems, you can lay the boundary in any shape you choose. it does not have to be round.
  • You can exclude little bits and pieces of your property, such as gardens, where you do not want your dog to go.

Here are the best sellers in the wireless dog fence category:

PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence
PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay and Play Wireless Fence

Motorola Wireless Fence with Remote Trainer for Home and Travel
Motorola Wireless Fence with Remote Trainer for Home and Travel

Perimeter Wire Free Wifi Dog Fence
Perimeter Wire Free Wifi Dog Fence


Video On Training A Dog For A Containment System

This video is step-by-step guide from PetSafe on how to train a dog using their dog containment systems. See their product here: PetSafe Containment System