Shih Tzu Dogs

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All About Shih Tzu Dogs

Shih-Tzu dogs are a member of the Toy Breed group of dogs, which makes it a very popular choice of pet for families and people who live in apartments.

I am sure that you will agree Shih Tzu dogs are a seriously cute looking breed of dog. With the gorgeous hair that flows everywhere, there are a lot of owners who choose to make dramatic effects with different poochy “hair-styles” on their Shih Tzus.

The Shih Tzu Dog Breed

And of course, there are others who just love to dress their dog up in all sorts of costumes. Just take a look at the dog pictured here!

However, with their even temper these tiny canines seem to take most things in their stride. Their personality is most often easy going and friendly.

Although lack of basic training and setting of rules, may mean that Shih-Tzu dogs will have some behavioral problems – just like any other dog.

Being a very small dog, they do not eat a lot of dog food either.

How Do You Pronounce This Breeds Name?

Hint – It Does NOT Contain The Word For Poo!

So you want to know the correct way to pronounce the name of this delightful little breed of dog? Well, I can assure you that it does not sound like a four-letter-word that rhymes with “kit”!

People often don’t pronounce the second “h” and then they stress the letter “t” at the end of the first word. Which of course means they call this pooch a “shit zoo”.

When the name is pronounce correctly the letter “i” is said as an “e” and the second “h” is silent. So the first word is pronounced as “she”. And then more importantly, the letter “t” in the second word is also silent. So the name of this breed of dog is correctly pronounce as “She-Zu”.

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About Shih Tzu Dogs

I hope that clears it up for you – and prevents any “She-Zu” owners – or their little dogs – from snapping at you in the future 🙂 Some owners do become a little sensitized to this fou-pah and will wish to re-train you.

A Quick Intro To The Shih Tzu

A Shih Tzu PuppyThe word Shih-Tzu means “lion” in Chinese, where this breed has been kept as a privileged pet for the royal Ming Dynasty. It certainly has a very regal bearing with it’s upright stance and tail that flows over it’s back.

The Shih-Tzu body type is compact and sturdy, with the most well-known feature being it’s stunning coat. The hair is long and flowing and made up of a double coat. This means that an owner does need to be prepared to spend a little time on keeping up with grooming.

Daily brushing is a requirement. Keeping a Shih Tzu coat in great condition is easy, however, if neglected they can become matted and dirty looking – not a good look!

The Shih Tzu make a very family friendly pet and along with it’s playful and non aggressive nature, it is usually an efficient guard dog. They do not bark very often but will certainly alert you to any strangers appearing on their property and stand up in defence of themselves, their family and property.

The Shih-Tzu Colors

Shih Tzu Dogs Colors and markingsThe Shih-Tzu comes in a range of many delightful colors. There is almost a choice for every taste as well as different patterns including colored masks on the face.

The accepted colors are Black, Blue, Brindle, Gold, Liver, Red, Silver and White. And along with solid colored dogs, they can be a mix of these colors. For example Liver and White – or Black, Silver & White.

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For more information on colors and markings – visit the American Kennel Club’s breed information page here:

Shih Tzu Dogs Required Grooming Tools

Necessary Items for Shih Tzu dogs Grooming Kit

If you want to keep your Shih Tzu looking fantastic, then it is a good idea to have some tools for grooming him yourself at home. Even if you regularly have your dog professionally groomed, being able to trim and clip in between visits is a good idea.

Because Shih Tzu’s really do require daily grooming, the bare minimum you will need is a specialized grooming comb.

Here I have listed three of my favorite grooming tools, which are all available online. You can see all their excellent quality grooming tools for dogs here: CherryBrook

Round Tip Dog ScissorsDubl Duck 6.5 Inch Curved Blunt Tip Scissor

Round Tip dog scissors for clipping around ears, eyes, nose, mouth, paws and tail.

The rounded, safety tips on the blades make these scissors really safe to use, so you can clip close in with confidence that you won’t stab and hurt or frighten your Shih Tzu.

These are excellent scissors for dogs (or cats). Great for tidying up those “little bits”.

Fantastic little scissors for trimming in sensitive areas.


Resco Pro-Style Finishing CombResco Pro-Style Finishing Comb

A decent grooming comb is a necessity for any long haired dog. Finishing combs are perfectly suited for the delicate work needed when trimming around the eyes, ears, and muzzle.

You use a grooming comb to clean the coat, remove any debris, gently tease out any knots and mats, and just for spending lovely quality time with your dog..

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This Resco Pro-Style Finishing Comb is a great one that has both wide and narrow teeth.

This comb is good for easing out any knots and keeping the coat in good condition.


Wahl Dog Grooming ClippersWahl Arco Cordless Clipper

This is a handy and very popular choice of clippers for do-it-yourself home groomers. Having no bothersome cord to get in the way is great!

This is an excellent clipper for all grooming needs including finishing work.

The Wahl Moser Arco Cordless Clipper is exceptionally powerful, yet lightweight and quiet with no vibration!

It contains 2 NiMH rechargeable battery packs, charging stand, cleaning brush, blade oil, blade guard, soft storage case, & instruction manual.

This is a great little clipper kit that will keep Shih Tzu dogs clean and sparkling!