Puppy Training Hand Signals

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Puppy Training Hand Signals

When training for puppy obedience you can use some common dog training hand signals in addition to your verbal commands. These puppy training hand signals work most of the time, especially when your puppy cannot hear you.

Actually, these are more effective ways to ensure your puppy pays close attention to you even from a couple of meters away, as long as it can see you.

And these are what trainers of agility dogs and hunting dogs use to control the actions of these dogs while in the field. By using the right hand signals for puppy training, they can make the dogs turn left or right, go fast, stop, or stay put.

Now, you can also do these to your puppy without using verbal commands. Learn these first three hand signals and teach them to your puppy while doing puppy obedience training.

Puppy Training Hand Signals

The Sit Command

For the “sit” command, here’s the hand signal:

Bend your arm upwards at the elbow and then raise your hand with fist closed up to your head’s side while you command your puppy to sit simultaneously. Keep on doing these hand movements while commanding your puppy to sit.

Later on, your puppy will soon learn how to associate the hand signal with your vocal command.

Now, if you are not able to get your puppy ’s attention the first time you try the hand signal, don’t punish! Instead, keep trying or better yet, make sure you have a leash in your left hand.

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The Down Command

For the “down” command, the hand signal is just like when you are asking someone to sit down at the same time saying, “Have a seat.”

To teach your puppy the hand signal for down, you need to hold your arm out towards your puppy and then lower your hand, with your palm facing down towards the floor.

While doing this, give the “down” command, and your puppy will follow your hand signal into the down position.

Just like in the sit hand signal, keep repeating this until your puppy learns to associate the lowering of your hand towards the floor as part of the “down” command.

The Stay Command

For the “stay” command, first, put your puppy into the sit or down position. Afterwards, hold out your arm towards your puppy, with your palm’s position similar to that of a policeman who is using hand signal to stop traffic.

And just like in the previous two commands, do this at the same time command your puppy to “stay”, with a firm voice. If at first, your puppy does not follow, try it again until he recognizes your hand signal means “down”.

Using hand signals can really do a lot when training your puppy. Although you may find it difficult to make your puppy obey you initially, but do not give in. Just keep repeating the puppy training hand signals until puppy understands what you are trying to communicate to him.

Remember that as long as you are consistent and thorough in showing your puppy those hand signals, the faster he will respond to them.

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These puppy training hand signals are a fantastic tool, I hope you put the into use in training your dog.