Puppy Potty Training

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Puppy Potty Training

When you are starting off potty training a puppy, unless you can supervise your puppy 24 hours a day, you shouldn’t expect the house training process to be completed until your puppy is around 6 months old. 

It is also vital when house training a puppy – to understand that puppies do not have good bladder and bowel control when they are very young – this only develops as they grow. If puppy potty training is rushed, problems may develop.

Puppy Potty Training

Puppy Potty Training Tips

Potty training a puppy is much easier and faster if she is confined in a small area, along with her bed and toys. Cover the entire floor area with papers, and at first it will probably seem like she just “goes” everywhere.

She will regard the papers as playthings and so expect to see some exciting puppy games going on! Don’t react to this playful behavior, as it is quite normal. Just keep the area clean and put down new papers when necessary.

Make sure to keep your puppy contained to this small area when she is not being closely supervised – unless you are certain that she has only just been potty and not likely to go again soon.

Do not leave her unsupervised until she is much older. Potty training all puppies goes much quicker if potty accidents are prevented because your puppy develops a stronger sense of where to go.

Because your puppy is contained, and the floor is covered with paper, every time she goes potty – it will be on the paper. As time goes on she will show a preference for a particular area. Once you can see that, then you can very slowly reduce the amount of paper down to that one spot.

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If your puppy goes potty off the smaller area, you have moved a bit too fast… simply increase the paper area again until puppy is going on the paper 100% of the time. Please don’t try and rush through this part of your puppy potty training too fast… take it slow and sure.

Start Taking Your Puppy Outside To Potty

When puppy is a little older, you can start taking her outside to where you would like her to go potty. Take her out there every time you think she needs to go, maybe once every half hour to an hour or so. The times your puppy is most likely to need to go potty are just after she has had a big play, immediately after a meal or a drink, and just after your puppy has woken up.

When you are potty training a puppy, it is a great idea to chose a word for going potty and say it clearly when your puppy is actually eliminating. This will instill a command for going potty and will develop into an ability to go potty – upon command from you! (if there is something to be eliminated).

When she has gone potty in the right place, heap praise on her. Please do not punish her for any accidents that may happen – as this will only confuse her, she will not understand at such a young age. It is important to show her the right way and the right place – then give her every opportunity to do it right. Follow-up with rewards of enthusiastic cheering and fun puppy games.

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As your puppy gets older, her control will increase and she will be able to spend more time outside her safe area.

As you can see, puppy potty training is relatively simple. It just requires thought and patience.