Natural Remedies For Cats

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All About Natural Remedies For Cats

As a cat breeder, I prefer natural remedies for cats first and foremost. The fact is that cats are biologically rather unique, and often do not handle many medications very well. 

Medications can kill bacteria, worms and diseases inside the cat, but they also have an adverse affect on the health of the cat (same as for any live organism). Whereas natural remedies not only help alleviate diseases and different conditions, but they also promote good health and a strong immune system.

Although vets and modern medicine certainly have their place, where there is a holistic, and non-toxic option, I always go that way first.

In this page I will go over some things I use and recommend in the way of natural healing options for our felines.

Raw Diet For Cats

Food Is Top On My List For Cat Health

Many people do not actually consider what type of eater their pet is, by nature. Cats tend to get lumped in with dogs, who many people think are (incorrectly) omnivores.

Good health for any species starts with a healthy and appropriate diet. So the first thing on my list of natural remedies for cats is of the greatest importance, and that is a natural, raw diet. While this is next to impossible for some people, many cat owners are able to add more fresh, raw meat into their cat’s daily diet.

Food has such a huge impact on health. If you are not putting in the right fuel, then the body simply can’t function properly.

Cats technically are an “obligate carnivore”. This means that they are designed to get 100% (yes that is ALL) of their nutritional needs from an animal source. When they don’t, problems usually arise, and they may or may not not show up in the short-term, but long term they certainly will.

And there are some cats who seem to be able to deal with anything we throw at them and live a long and healthy life while eating commercial food. However, they are the exception, blessed with an amazing constitution. There are people like that too. Like my uncle who smoked about 40 cigarettes each day, drank a half bottle of whiskey and live to be 96, before passing quietly in his sleep.

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While you may not be able to feed your cat a raw food diet completely, consider adding in as much as you can. Raw meat, as well as the bones (preferably small bones), skin, offal etc. They need the lot.

Cat Eating Raw Meat Video

Watch how a cat eats meat

This is a really great meal the owner has prepared for his cat. It consists of muscle meat, bone and organ meat – the chicken heart. You can see how much the cat loves this food and it is so good for her.

I say Kudos to this wonderful cat daddy!


Natural Remedies For Cats

Intro to Natural Remedies …

OK, now the most important part has been mentioned, I am going to highlight different natural remedies for cats for different health problems.

Dose Cat With Flower EssencesI tend to use a lot of Homeopathic remedies for cats, along with flower essences which I find to be particularly good. Especially when you consider how extremely inexpensive they are to buy.

In the picture to the right, I am demonstrating how to dose homeopathic remedies for a cat. With Homeopathy, the liquid only needs to come into contact with the mucous membranes.

So I just lay the cat on my lap (or do it when he is asleep), gently raise a lip and pop in the recommended amount of drops. Too easy! And in this photo – I needed to hold the camera – so I am only using one hand!

Please take note that this page is a “work in progress” so make sure to bookmark so you can get updates 🙂

Natural Remedies For Cats Emotional Problems

As a breeder there is often things that happen with a number of cats all co-existing. Some need more encouragement to be themselves … and others need to be pulled back a bit.

Adol Combination EssenceMy first choice of remedy for any type of cat emotional problem is often the Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) Remedy combination called “Adol”. 

This natural remedy is excellent for cats (and humans) that are around the “teenage” stage. In cats this is normally around nine months to twelve months old. You may already know the stage I am talking about 🙂

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It is often more of a problem with male cats, although some of the girls go through it too. And it does not seem to matter if they have been neutered of not – most of them go through this period. And it is JUST like in teenage human boys. They get obnoxious, demanding, pushy and just generally stroppy.

Adol essence really helps to curb this behavior and bring back harmony, and it does so quite fast.

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Flower Essences Work Very Well for People and Animals Alike

If you are wanting to buy Australian Bush Flower Essences, here is a some of the pre-made combinations. These, I find, are the most cost effective, easy to use and they cover different issues. The cat (or person) will only take in what they require, so there is no problem with giving the wrong essence – as can happen when using Homeopathic remedies.

The combination flower essences pictured below are:

  • Calm & Clear: Assists with calming, relaxing and de-stressing
  • Creative: Assists with enhancing creativity and expression
  • Cognis: Assists with a clear mind, clarity and focus. Great for when you are learning something new or for school children who are sitting exams
  • Abund: Helps attract abundance into your life by allowing you to be open to receiving
  • Confid: Helps boost confidence and self-power for people with low self esteem and shyness
  • Travel: Helps keep you feeling refreshed when traveling

The ones I tend to use a lot are Adol (as mentioned previously), Travel (when going in the car) and Confid – for cats who are shyer than they should be, and when they need help to fit into the household.

Australian Bush Flower Emergency Essence Combination

Emergency EssenceThis is the Australian Bush Flower Essences Combination Emergency product.

It has the same effects as the Bach Flowers Rescue Remedy and is very effective and handy to keep close at hand for when you may need it.

You will find it really effective for times such as when you need to take your cat to the vet, and when there are any health issues, accidents or wounds. Basically any time your cat needs to relax a little and calm down.

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For use with people, including babies and toddlers, there is a range of different Emergency Essence products for use in different situations.

ABFE Flower Essences Book

Learn How To Use ABFE Effectively

Australian Bush Flower Essences

by Ian White

ABFE Flower Essences BookThis is the book by the creator of ABFE, Ian White. Apart from being a tome of knowledge, the book is an inspirational look into how these healing essences were discovered by Ian White.

It actual makes for a rather interesting, factual story. I found it very difficult to put it down, when I first read it.

The book covers everything you need to know to be able to use these flower essences effectively – for animals and for people. Including the preparation of the essences along with how to use them for the best results.

Although it really does not take any technical knowledge for anyone to be able to use these helpful remedies, it is great to learn the amazingly wide range of applications. Reading this book will really open your mind to easy ways of improving your own life, too.

Alcohol In Flower Essences?

When using Bush Flower essences bought from a store, keep in mind that they have a small amount of alcohol in them as preservative. You cat may not like this, so you can dab the essence onto a their skin rather than put drops into their mouth.

Another alternative to get around this – is to have a local ABFE practitioner make up the essences for you as needed, making sure you request no alcohol is put in them. These made-up essences, of course, will have a very limited shelf life of only a few weeks.

Final Words On Natural Remedies and Cats

One of the most amazing things with using natural remedies for cats – is how fast they can respond, and with no toxic chemicals either.

However, please do keep in mind that if your cat has a serious problem or emergency – it is always advisable to get professional advice. You can find ABFE practitioners by doing an online search – and they can either do a consultation over the phone and even send you the best remedies by mail.