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This page is the front page for our informative instructional articles base, where you can find help on lots of pet related issues.

If you would like to share your own information, something you are good at, something you have learned or pioneered in pet care – then we would love to hear from you.

Go to our Submit Pet Stories page to find out how you can have your own article, story and photos here on our website.

Teach a Puppy To Come tmbFree Puppy Training Lessons Online

Check out our free lessons on training a puppy at home.

Especially designed to help new puppy owners, we offer you this complete set of lessons that will help you train your pooch to be a well-adjusted and well behaved member of your family.

However, they are not just for little ones. If you have an adult dog that misbehaves – then you will find lots of good information here.

We hope you enjoy these lessons, that you actually follow them and get lots of benefit from them.



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