How To Take Dog’s Pulse

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How To Take Dog’s Pulse

The most reliable way of taking a dog’s pulse is to locate the femoral artery. Your puppy may be either standing up or lying on his back. 

Place your fingers inside your puppy’s groin, where his leg joins onto his body. Move your fingers around until you can detect his pulse.

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Another method of taking your dog’s pulse, is to press against the rib cage over his heart whilst your puppy is standing up. You should be able to feel his pulse just below his elbow joint.

Count how many beats there are within a fifteen-second period, and then multiply that by four.

The normal dog pulse rate range is wide. It can be anything from seventy to 130 beats a minute.

Be aware that puppies and smaller breeds of dog normally have a faster pulse rate, and the larger dog breeds and dogs who are very fit and healthy will usually have a slower pulse rate.


How to take dogs pulse


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