How To Clip A Poodle At Home

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How To Clip A Poodle At Home?

Poodles are a very popular breed with families. Not only are the energetic, loving and incredibly smart – but they do not have dander so are great for pet allergy sufferers. And they don’t get that “doggy” smell, either! You can keep your dog neat and tidy by learning how to clip a poodle at home, yourself.

How to clip a poodle at home

Poodles do not molt their coat, and it needs to be clipped regularly, especially around the head and face. This will help to keep your poodle clean (and able to see you!).

The problem with taking your poodle to a groomer is first the cost, and secondly (which I have had happen) there may be unpleasant experiences had which can put your dog off being groomed altogether. My own miniature poodle came home from her first clipping at a grooming salon thoroughly upset. She was so distraught, that I decided to learn how to clip a poodle at home, myself. I never wanted to put her through any ordeals like that again. Learning how to clip her was easy, and we have had no problems ever since. That was about 12 years ago.

So, if you want to learn how to clip your poodle at home yourself, it is relatively easy. You only need a set of good quality clippers and some decent pet grooming scissors. And to make a decision which type of effect you want to give.

Personally, I don’t particularly like the “show clip”. I like my poodle clipped very short and neat around the face, and leave her coat a little longer on her body. She keeps a full “top knot” on her head and I sometimes leave little “bangles” around her ankles.

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Now bear in mind that you may not get the “professional” look on your first go around. But with a little practice you will certainly be able to keep your poodle looking smart and neat.

If you having problems with your poodle behaving badly while being clipped, make sure to work through my Free Puppy Training Lessons Online.

Check out this quick video that gives a good insight on how to clip a poodle at home, yourself.



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