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We will soon be launching our range of pet care products for cats and dogs. We will ultimately be covering areas from health supplements and grooming aids, to toys and all those things that just make pet ownership easier and more enjoyable.

Along with our products, we will be featuring instructional articles and videos, along with pet stories written by our visitors about thier own cats and dogs. If you would like to share your own pooch or kitty, go here to add your article: Submit Pet Stories

Our Pet Products:

Pet Grooming Tools and Supplies

Eden Valley PetsGrooming tools are being developed with the special knowledge and experience that only a breeder can offer. We know what works and we also know what can be unhelpful for your pet’s coat or their emotional state 🙂 We hope you will find our range both easy to use and valuable to add to your tool kit.

Natural Pet Health Supplements

With a definite lean towards natural pet care, the supplements we will have available will be of the best quality that there is. We hope you find our offers very exciting.

Purchasing and Delivery

For delivery of our products to our customers, we have partnered with Amazon.com. This is to provide our customers with total peace of mind when ordering, and great (even free) rates on shipping with fast delivery and hassle-free returns policy. We want our customers to be able to order our products with total confidence.

We will also be publishing lots of helpful tips, articles and instructional videos on pet care for educational purposes.

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