Flea Treatment Cats

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Flea Treatment Cats

What do you need to do to get rid of those pesky cat fleas? As a cat breeder and multiple dog owner, I totally understand the dramas that these tiny parasites can cause when they attack your pets.

What is only one single flea – can turn into a hoard of these nasty little critters, in just a matter of a week or so, depending on the climatic conditions. Believe me, I have tried nearly every product on the market over the years … and finally ended up with my own solutions.

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These Are Cat Fleas

Below you will find some effective cat flea treatment steps, bearing in mind that cats are unique – and you should never EVER use a flea treatment that is specifically for dogs on your cat. Always get veterinary advice on this first.

First Step:

The first thing to do is to find out if your cat does have fleas or not. Usually this will be an obvious constant itching. If you cat is allergic to flea bites, then you will be able to notice the cat losing hair. Sometimes, this can deteriorate quickly into a bloodied patch of skin, which is painful and very itchy.

However, if there is only one or two cat fleas (an early infestation) then there may not be much scratching. The best thing to do is to regularly use a flea comb on your cat. These fine tooth combs will drag fleas out of the coat and you can then see them easily.

Flea Comb for Cats

Flea Comb For CatsThis cat flea comb is one that is recommended by professional groomers and is suitable for most cats and kittens and other pets. It lifts fleas right out of the cat’s coat and it will allow you to monitor your cat’s skin for flea infestation.

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If fleas are present, then they will have left droppings which will turn red (from blood). So, once you have given your cat the once-over with the flea comb, tap it onto a white paper towel or any other surface and flick some water onto the area.The water will dampen the flea dropping and you can easily see spots turning red.

For an in-depth look at finding out if your cat is infested, make sure to read this article: Does Your Cat Have Fleas?

Once you have ascertained that Yes, your cat has fleas, then you can decide what form of flea treatment you want to proceed with. You can choose either a natural flea treatment or a chemical type of flea medicine. Here is some information on both treatment methods.

Natural Cat Flea Treatment

 Cats are such a unique creature, that any natural treatment needs to be undertaken with caution. It is important that you know that many flea treatments for dogs – are poisonous to cats, and some are actually lethal. You should never, ever use a dog flea treatment on a cat – without consulting a veterinarian first.

Chemical Flea Medicine

 You need to keep in mind that chemical flea treatments are just that – chemicals. They are ALL toxic to some degree, and some are a little safer than others. Over the long term, continual usage of these chemicals in and on your cat will have health ramifications.

Kill Fleas In Your Yard

When you are treating your cat, it is of vital importance to get rid fleas completely – that you also kill fleas in the yard, house and everywhere your cat goes. This does take quite a lot of preparation, so check out our article here: Kill Fleas Yard

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