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Eden Valley Pets – Featured Cats And Dogs

Check out our visitors pet gallery! We love to see your cats and dogs, and to hear all about them – and so do our readers!

Eden Valley Pets – Featured Cats And DogsBelow you can click on links to go to pages of gorgeous pets shared here by their owners. Some are complete stories and some are beautiful photographs. We hope you enjoy them.

You are welcome to share your own pet story, including photos for other reader to enjoy on our site.

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Duffy the Bichon Frise tmbAmanda & Duffy the Bichon

Submitted by Amanda Willenborg.

This is her beautiful story of the special relationship when she was a baby and child with the sweet little Bichon Frise “Duffy”.

Duffy belonged to her Grandmother and was an integral part of her early years.

It is obvious from the love Amanda put into writing her story just how much this beautiful little dog was cherished and what a special part of her childhood he was.


Cat Nap tmbFamily Cat Nap

Here is a simply delightful photo of a little family having their afternoon nap.

Baby, kitty-cat and little poodle are all enjoying the peace and relaxation.

I love this photo, and hope you do too.

We have more photos of this darling group on the way, so make sure to bookmark if you would like to see more.


Big Dog Small Dog tmbBig Dog Meets Little Dog

This is a story about a family that has a big black Great Dane and decides to get another dog.

Their choice for a new canine is a very small fellow.

The little dog was sourced from a shelter and fitted into the family very well.

Have a read of this pet story and see some lovely photos of this uncommon pair.



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