Family Cat Nap

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Our Family Cat Nap

Our pets have always been very special in our family and we treat them as well as our children.

When our first baby came along, we were initially very worried about how the cat and dog would accept the new addition to our family. We certainly didn’t want them to feel left out or displaced.

But this proved to be a non-issue as there was always enough love to go around. Baby was accepted and loved by our two furry family members – just as though he had always been there.

But, with a baby that did not sleep a lot during the night, it was always hard to fit in a quick nap myself to catch up. However, when I managed to lay down with my baby – the whole family would always join in.

As you can see, I usually only got just a teeny corner of the bed, luckily it is a large King size 🙂 Of course I also got the outside edge to prevent anyone else from falling off.

Pictured here sharing our cat nap is Bubs, Marmaduke – our seal pointed cat and Marchello our little white Poodle.

Cat Nap

The Whole Family Joins Me For A Cat nap


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