Dog Sports List

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Dog Sports List For All Breeds

Having a ton of fun by getting involved in sports is not only for human competitors. Dogs sure do love all forms of dog sports. Not only can this enhance the dogs life greatly from an emotional point of view, but the exercise involved in sports can help to keep a dog  in good health. Some initial, basic dog training to start off with, is all you need.

Below we have a list of a few of the different types of dog sports that are easy to find and get involved in. There is a dog sport that will suit and breed of dog; any size, shape or temperament. Check out the list and see if anything sings out to you for your own puppy.

Dog Sports List - Dog Agility

Dog Agility

Dog Agility is when a dog works it’s way through a structured obstacle course. The course will include various contact obstacles such as jumps and tunnels. There may be weaving poles as well. The dog is guided through the agility course by his handler, who use only their voice and body language.

Because dog agility is performed completely without a leash, obedience training for a dog is a first step to take towards the enjoyment of this top dog sport. Speed and accuracy are how the winner is decided.

Dog Carting

Dog Carting is typically only for larger, stronger breeds of dog. Participating in this exciting dog sport involves the dog (or dogs) pulling a cart which is filled with something like firewood or farm goods.

And sometimes, there will even be people in the dog cart! Dog Carting can also be called dry-land mushing or sulky driving. It is a dog sport that is popular right around the world. Of course the dog needs to be strong, well trained in obedience, and be happy to pull the dog cart.

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Dog Sports - Dog Agility - 2

Frisbee Dog

Also referred to as disc dog, frisbee dog is one of the most loved of all the dog sports. Probably because any type of dog is easily able to take part.

The actual competitions involve a human frisbee thrower and their dog competing in diverse events like distance frisbee catching and choreographed freestyle catching.

Dogs compete in different divisions depending on the skill of the handler and their experience.


Dog Flyball is a relay race in which teams of dogs race against each other away from their handlers. The dog teams need to manage four hurdles placed three meters apart. Then, they have to run to a special spring-loaded box, and press on it’s pad to release a tennis ball.

The dog must catch the ball and carry it back to their respective handlers. Flyball is a fast moving and exciting sport and is also great fun as a spectator sport.

Dog Scootering:

Dog Scootering is a sport in which a dog (or dogs) pull an non-motorized scooter along, with a person riding in it. It is similar to mushing but Dog scooting involves a fewer number of dogs.

Also instead of the dogsled which is used in mushing, the scooter is used instead. Just like the sled dogs, scootering dogs wear a harness and are hooked up to their scooter via a gangline.

Sheepdog Trials:

Also known simply as dog trials, sheepdog trials is a competitive dog sport. Some particular breeds excel at sheepdog trials, and in fact really live for it – having been specially bred over many generations for the use of herding sheep on farms, where the farmers livelihood is on the line.

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Dog Sports List - Sheep Dog Trials

In sheep dog trials, the dog must maneuver a number of sheep around a field and an obstacle course following the instructions of their master. There may be hurdles, corridors, gates and pens.

Sometimes the dogs are required to split a certain number of sheep from the rest and move them through the course separately, before going back and getting the rest of the sheep to cover the same course as well.

The handlers will use voice commands, whistles and body movements to instruct the dog exactly they want them to do.

Having evolved in farming nations as simply a part of everyday farm life, sheep dog trials nevertheless can be an amazing dog sport for spectators to watch, as the skill of both dog and handler are nothing short of incredible.

Who knew my Dog Sports List would be so large! Were you already aware there were so many different types of sports for dogs?