Cleaning Dog Skin Folds

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A How To – Cleaning Dog Skin Folds in Bulldogs

Bulldogs such as English or French bulldogs are personable and sociable dogs and they are always well loved by their human family. Cleaning dog skin folds is imperative for these breeds.

Aside from their totally lovable personality, they have a recognizable look which is their skin folds or wrinkles – which come in varying degrees.

cleaning dog skin folds

Some dogs have shallow folds while others have deep and heavy skin folds on their face or tails. While these dog wrinkles add charm to their appearance, they require extra attention and care when cleaning dog skin folds, because moisture can get trapped under the folds.

When that happens, the area in the fold becomes a perfect dark, moist place for yeast to develop and multiply.

Dog wrinkles can also hide allergens and dirt that may irritate the skin of your bulldog and lead to infections.

If you left these untreated, the yeast can spread and your dog will begin to itch and scratch. Left untreated, the minor infections will lead to systemic and bigger infections.

The worst part is that the areas which are infected by yeast usually smell really bad and can make your pooch unpleasant to cuddle. That is why it is very important to clean the folds of a wrinkled skin dog – to ensure that your bulldog stay healthy.

What to Wash a Dog With?

Before you start cleaning dog skin folds, gather together all the materials you will require. You can choose from these products but do not need to use them all.

  • Cotton balls
  • Cotton Swabs for Dogs such as Q-tips – use them very gently because stick may irritate or scratch the skin
  • Wipes – medicated or baby wipes, Dog Cleansing Wipes
  • Soft tissue or soft cloth
  • Sterile eye-wash such as Miracle Care
  • Corn starch – best drying agent available at stores
  • Anti Fungal Spray for Dogs, antibacterial or both ointment or cream – human equivalents can also be used but check if it is safe to be used on dogs
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Cleaning dog skin folds and wrinkles effectively, you should keep your dog from getting away from you. You can entice them with tasty treat or turn them around in such a way that their tail is in front of you.

You can also hold your dog around the chest area to prevent them from running forwards. Better yet, starting from early age – teach your puppy to sit and be calm while you are cleaning him.

Cleaning Technique

Expose the area by gently pulling back the skin folds using your fingers. Then clean the skin folds or wrinkles using baby wipes or dog-cleansing wipes. Make sure that the brand of wipes does not contain soap and safe to use around the eyes so that you can clean the face area. You can also use damp cloth if your dog is messy eater. It will swiftly remove the dried foods hiding in the folds close to the mouth.

How To Clean Dog Skin FoldsAfter cleaning, dry the dog wrinkles using a soft cloth or tissue to prevent the bacteria from being trapped in the area. Sponge the dry cloth around thoroughly to make sure that the area is completely dry.

Carefully fluff corn starch to the wrinkles or nose folds to dry the excess moisture, but make sure that it will not get into your dog’s eyes. Repeat application if necessary till the area looks moisture free and powdery.

In extreme cases your dog may have an infection that is not helped enough by just cleaning. You will need to apply an anti-fungal or antibacterial cream prescribed by your veterinarian. Get small amount of cream on your fingertip and then rub to infected area.

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You can also bath or wash dogs using soap-free and hypoallergenic cleanser once every week to lessen the possibility of any infection. Moist cotton balls or Q-tip with mild shampoo or soap to clean the dog wrinkles thoroughly. Rinse well and ensure that all dirt and soap are washed away. Then dry the area thoroughly using soft cloth or cotton balls. Remember that when you wash dogs, make sure that moisture will not remain into the wrinkles because it can cause yeast problem unintentionally.

Frequency of Cleaning Your Dog’s Wrinkles

There are some people who think that bulldogs are stinky animals by nature. This is not true as long as you take some time to clean their skin folds. How often should you do this? Is it weekly, monthly or when necessary depending upon their smell?

You can clean the dog wrinkles or folds of your dogs as often as needed. You must regularly check the creases for debris and dirt. If your bulldogs are very active outside, you probably need to clean them more often. Younger bulldogs have fewer folds and you can clean them once or twice every week. While older dogs have more skin folds and you may need to clean them every day.

In Conclusion

Bulldogs are great companions because they are loving and gentle. However, just like all pets, they require care and attention, maybe a little more that some breeds. If you want your beloved bulldog to have a healthy and happy life, make sure that you keep those adorable dog wrinkles dry and clean at all times.

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