Big Dog Meets Little Dog

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Big Dog Meets Little Dog

Our family had a female Great Dane cross and we decided to add another dog to keep her company. The decision was to find a small dog so it could sleep inside with the kids at night. Knowing we wanted to give a dog without a home somewhere to live and be loved, we put our name down at our local rescue and gave them a basic guideline of what we were looking for.

Big Dog

Our Great Dane cross – Kali

It took us a while to find a little dog that suited, but we got a phone call from the rescue one day to say they had a little Cavalier type dog who had been found wandering, skinny and lost. He had not been claimed within their time period – and did we want him?

So off we headed to meet him and see if he would suit us. As soon as we saw him, we knew he was for us. He was just too cute for words, very friendly and loved the kids to bits.

The only thing was that they had not had time to neuter him (more on this later) but we signed an agreement to have this done and off home we headed with our new wiggly and totally huggable little puppy! We called him Pepe.

Introducing Our New Puppy

We were a little worried at how Kali, our Dane cross would accept him. She had done puppy obedience classes when she was small and had never shown any inclination to mix with other dogs – she was a little odd in that respect. However, we knew she wouldn’t hurt him as despite her size, she was always very gentle dog.

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We let them touch noses through the fly screen first and as it looked like all was going to be good, we opened up the door and here is what it looked like when they first met – just adorable. Big dog meets small dog – so funny! They were instant friends.


Big dog meets little dog - Great Dane Meets Cavalier

Big Dog Meets Little Dog For The First Time


Small DogPepe fitted right into our house immediately, the children loved him – and he loved them right back. We never found out where he had lived before us, but he obviously had been around small children. He loved to be pampered and cuddled, and I think he must have gotten brushed and combed to within an inch of his life!

We encountered one small bump in the road, and that was that he did require puppy potty training – he had NO idea that he was supposed to pee outside. However, with a little patience, that did not take long to rectify.

When we first brought him home, we booked him in to our vet to have the “little boy” operation in two weeks time. But, that date was swiftly moved forwards as we did have to get him neutered much sooner that we had anticipated.

He had decided that Kali was the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen and spent almost every moment he was with her trying to mount her. Too funny for words, and we got some of the funniest photos.

But Kali started to get annoyed with the constant amorous approaches from this miniscule would-be suitor. She was very patient initially, but Pepe just would not let her rest – and she was already spayed so she probably had absolutely no idea what was wrong with him.

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Small Dog Attempt To Mate Big Dog

Biting Off More Than He Cat Chew – Or Even Reach!


Once Pepe had been neutered, everything settled down and life became good with these two total opposites. We certainly get funny looks when we are out walking them. And of course with those big long legs, Kali ALWAYS gets the ball first.Save


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